Business lessons from nature

Business lessons from nature #2 – Topic Introduction

In nature-inspired entrepreneurship, we draw an analogy between a natural system and a human organisation. This analogy is the basis for The Green Startup - Business Lessons From Nature article series. In this series nature serves as the inspiration for valuable...

Business lessons from nature #1 – Nature-Inspired Entrepreneurship

You may have never thought about a possible association between nature and your (future) business. Nonetheless, there is a lot we can learn from nature that can help improve the way we do business. Nature is all around us and if we just pay more attention we can get...

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TedTalk | Why Green Startups succeed

TedTalk | Why Green Startups succeed

This TedTalk with Bill Gross really hits the spot about why this is the time to create a Green Startup. His research about why your (Green) Startup will succeed got surprising results... Bill Gross is a very experienced entrepreneur and founder of Idealab, an...

What is a Green Startup and why this is important

What is a Green Startup and why this is important

What is a Green Startup? Our definition of a Green Startup is: A green (startup) business is an organisation that offers products and services in a way that contributes to building a sustainable world. A sustainable world is a world in which the needs of the present...